04/20 Presentation Slides  

민경식 - R2Fix- Automatically Generating Bugy Fixes from Bug Reports

처그 - Automatic Error Elimination by Horizontal Code Transfer across Multiple Applications (Including supplement on 04/29, 05/04)


04/13 Presentation Slides  

Hegde - Automatic Repair of Buggy If Conditions and Missing Preconditions with SMT

정지원 - Precise Condition Synthesis for Program Repair


04/01 Presentation Sildes  

정영준 - Angelix: Scalable Multiline Program Patch Synthesis via Symbolic Analysis

처그 - Automatically Diagnosing and Repairing Error Handling Bugs in C (Including supplement on 04/06, 04/13)


03/23 Presentation Slides  

정영준 - (Supplement) Static Single Assignment (for Repairing Programs with Semantic Code Search)

로정 - Anti-Pattern in Search-based Program Repair (Including supplement on 04/01, 04/06)


03/16 Presentation Slides  

정지원 - Fixing Bugs in Your Sleep: How Genetic Improvement Became an Overnight Success

정동주 - Bug Localization Based on Code Change Histories and Bug Reports (Including supplement on 04/06)